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Ringelpiez is a floor lamp by Ingo Maurer and Team. A bright halo seems to be hovering in the air. It is supported by a long slender black rod made of carbon fibre. The halo is an aluminimum ring with cleverly integrated LEDs, covered by a diffusor plate. The ring can be fixed both as uplight or downlight, and easily switched from one position to the other thanks to a smart, simple construction. There is no visual noise around the slender pointed rod, the cable is inside. Even so, the rod is extendable from 150 to 210 cm. The new version, which will be manufactured from January 2021, is equipped with LEDs that have a light colour of 2700 K. The predecessor model has 3000 K. The flat hemispherical base is made of a slightly rough material in a light grey, vaguely reminding of the surface of an unknown moon. It has two openings to hold the rod, one for a vertical position, the second for a slightly inclined position. There are no screws, the user simply plucks the rod and places it in the other opening depending on the lighting needs. Ringelpiez is a fully functional and flexible floor lamp. It is suitable for many applications, amongst others for use next to seating furniture or tables. Ringelpiez is available in one version: with black ring.

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Brand: Ingo Maurer
Designer: Ingo Maurer
Dimmer: Dimmable
Watt: 23W
Colour Temperature: 2700°K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): CRI>90