Bespoke lighting is the lighting that is custom designed and manufactured to implement a lighting scenario and to meet the architectural specifications of a client or project. It can be inspired by the customer or an artist, designed by a specialist and manufactured by a top tier factory.

The main reason to choose the option of bespoke lighting is aesthetics. In some cases, the exact implementation of a lighting scenario is the only way to highlight an element, especially in an oddly shaped space. In large project, the requirement is usually to achieve an architectural continuity. Of course, it is not uncommon to design a lighting, so that the installation is a work of art itself.

There are many challenges to deliver bespoke lighting. The design must not only suffice the specs of the lighting scenario, but it must do so while embodying the personality of the client and the architectural substance of the project. Then comes the implementation of this design, which requires the commitment of different resources of a reliable factory, which has proven track record in undertaking such tasks. Finally, bespoke lighting is always tied to post sale service, which must be available throughout the lifetime of the project.

Over the years, RICHE has successfully fulfilled several contracts for bespoke lighting, in collaboration with world class designers and manufacturers, who carry the value of decades or centuries long craftsmanship and tradition.

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