Folio by Cifralluminio

FOLIO® can provide a perfect light distribution over an entire surface. Both in the FOLIO® Architectural product line and in FOLIO® Custom products, the light homogeneity is guaranteed.
FOLIO® can illuminate marble, textile, or any photo-permeable surface. Sky is the limit!

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Cartoon by Novalux

Novalux has created the Cartoon series for wall, ceiling or corner installation, recessed in plasterboard or surface mounted on concrete.

RICHE offers professional lighting design calculations for all projects that include Novalux products.

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De Castelli

De Castelli is a premium Italian brand who creates surfaces, furniture, lightings and object made of metal. The unique textures, the original style and the contemporary design, places De Castelli among the top international brands. The aesthetics of their products is immediately recognized and impossible to copy.

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