TeTaTeT Flûte

SKU: 1A2360300.27.00

This is an evolution of our TeTaTeT lamp.
We have put into use a rechargeable Lithium battery that allows the support column of the lamp to be practically “invisible”.
The head of the lamp, where the battery is located, is lightweight and appears to be floating in air.
The effect is innovative and magical. The support column is made of methacrylate.
The TeTaTeT Flûte lamp fits perfectly with an elegant “mis en place”, bestowing beauty and spontaneity to any table.

490 VAT Included
Availability: 1 to 4 weeks upon order confirmation
Brand: Davide Groppi
Designer: Davide Groppi
Dimmer: On/Off Touch
Watt: 2 W LED
Lumen: 178 lm
Colour Temperature: 2700°K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >90

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