Estela is a captivating capsule of light. In Estela, Mayice Studio designed a clean, clear, single piece of borosilicate glass. Hand-blown by the accomplished artisan Eduardo Garuti, the glass envelopes a cylinder-like wood veneer diffuser. The wood veneer houses a dimmable LED light source, and a straight opening on one side emits downward light that is softened by the glass.

Offering a seamless connection between both glass and wood, Estela is a radiant lamp with a celestial-like quality. Similar to Dune, Estela’s natural imperfections, a characteristic of hand-blown glass, add to its warmth and elegance. Each lamp is signed by the artisan, Eduardo Garuti.

1.3761.519 VAT Included
Availability: 3 to 5 weeks upon order confirmation
Brand: LZF
Designer: Mayice
Dimmer: Dimmable
Watt: LED 40W
Lumen: 1492 lm
Colour Temperature: 3.000K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI): CRI>90