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The starting point for the Ambrosia was to bring back the traditional Linestra lamp to update it and show that a technical, resolute design can also be poetic. The Linestra was initially a line of light, which transitioned into a modular system that can be extended to adapt to any space.

Its design stems from a tubular structure with gentle lines that attaches to the ceiling, allowing the light to descend and gently illuminate any type of project. It is this diffuse light that fills the space, adding beauty.

This lighting system is available in four pre-set lengths, from 47 to 124 inches. Extensions measuring 16 and 24 inches let you define the height from which to hang them. That way, you can adjust their distance from the ceiling to create visually uninterrupted compositions.

The Ambrosia started out as a unique and decorative piece for a multi-brand luxury boutique in Madrid. The Ciszak Dalmas studio, along with Joan Gaspar, decided to revise it in an effort to combine simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. Its linear and unique design, a nearly flat segment of light, was made modular and asymmetric to create a soft and surprising lighting system.

Default version comes with canopy and 3000°K.

Other versions or combinations and sizes shown in the gallery are available upon request.


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Availability: 3 to 5 weeks upon order confirmation
Brand: Marset
Designer: Ciszak Dalmas
Dimmer: Dimmable
Watt: LED SMD 24Vdc 19.2W
Lumen: 1927 lm | 2886 lm
Colour Temperature: 3000°K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI):